Privacy Statement

Our privacy policy is very simple . . .
PMI-CLG Chapter does not sell contact information to anyone!

Our Ethics Code prohibits the use or sale of any PMI member data or other information (i.e., meeting attendee lists, class rosters, RSVP lists, etc.) for personal financial gain either independently or indirectly through an employer. When you are just browsing our site, we do not collect, capture, or retain personal information.

When you request one of the member services functions, we may request information, such as your email address or your PMI member number, via an online form. This information allows you to perform certain tasks (for example, review your personal information). And, it allows us to provide you with information you may request. In these cases, we collect only the information necessary to interact with you.

If you do not interact with us as you browse our site anonymously, any personal information, such as your email address, is not collected. We may gather data that is not personally identifiable to you to track site usage, such as number of hits, pages visited, and the length of user sessions in order to evaluate the usefulness of our site.

Banner Ads
When browsing our site, you may occasionally see banner ads for various vendors. These vendors provide support for the Chapter by purchasing advertising time on our site. Sometimes, these ads may contain small graphics with "tags" in them. These tags tell the vendor how many people respond to their ads. They do not identify you personally. Instead, these tags are used only to measure the effectiveness of the ads. No personal information is passed to the vendor's sites.

Links to Non-PMICLG Sites
We are not responsible for the information collection practices of the non-PMICLG links you click to from our Web pages. We cannot guarantee how these third parties use cookies or whether they place on your computer cookies that may identify you personally. We urge you to review the privacy policies of each of the linked Web sites you visit before you provide them with any personally identifiable information.

PMI Corporate
Officers serving on the Chapter's Board of Directors take reasonable care to prevent unauthorized disclosure of the Chapter's membership data which is maintained by PMI at the headquarters facility (PMI-HQ) in Pennsylvania. When PMI-HQ receives a request from a PMI member to exclude that member's name from directory lists, we take reasonable care to avoid publishing that member's name in any list. If you wish to have your name included in published lists of members earning PMP designation, lists of renewing or new members, you must notify PMI-HQ that you want to be included in directories.

Changes to your "flags" become effective at the HQ level in accordance with their publishing schedules. Changes to your "flags" become effective at our Chapter level about one week after the close of the month in which you make the change. That is because we receive updates in electronic form approximately 10-15 days after the close of each calendar month.
To change your "flags" for future DIRECTORY or MAILING LIST inclusion or exclusion, send an e-mail to [email protected] and note your preferences.