Cancellation Policy

Chapter Dinner Meetings: 
The cost of the chapter dinner meeting is $20 for PMI-CLG members making reservations by noon on the Monday prior to the event. The cost of the dinner meeting is also $20 for walk-ins, guests, and non-PMI-CLG chapter members. The goal of our chapter meetings is to break even on costs; not to generate revenue for the chapter.

** NOTICE: Beginning in July, 2012 - non-PMICLG chapter members will be charge $25 for Chapter Dinner Meetings.

'No-Show' Policy: The Chapter must pay for all attending the dinner meeting. You are responsible for the cost of the meal if you do not cancel before Tuesday noon preceding the dinner meeting. Reservation cancellations not received by the deadline and "no -shows", on the day of the event, will be billed. The chapter will guarantee a meal only for those people who register in advance via our web page. All walk-ins and late registrants will still pay to attend the meeting but may not be guaranteed a meal.

For classes and seminars, early online registration (and associated discounts) will expire 4 weeks prior to the start date. Online cancellation and registration will continue up until the Friday(at noon) before class start date. All class reservations require advance online registration. Full refunds will only be granted if notification is received one month prior to the start of the event. Cancellations received less than a month from class start date qualify for a refund minus $200 administrative handling fee. Allow 14 days for processing of all refunds.

For more information please contact the VP of Professional Development at: [email protected] or call

Communicating a Cancellation

Unless otherwise specified, cancellations should be communicated through the party responsible for the particular event's registration activities.

For cancellations prior to the deadline (Monday preceding the event - Tuesday preceding the dinner meeting) there are several options. You can give your reservation to someone else, delay to a later event that costs the same, or cancel. You can cancel in the shopping history module.

Refund of Check Payment

Unless otherwise specified, refunds of a registration paid by personal or corporate check will be handled as follows:
If the check has not been processed, the check will be voided.
If the check has been processed, the VP of Finance, or designate, will send a refund check within 30 days of the event.

Refund of Credit Card Payment

Refunds of a registration paid by a personal or corporate credit card will be handled as follows:
If the registration has not been processed, the registration request will be cancelled.
If the registration has been processed, the credit card account used for the original registration will be credited for the registration amount minus any applicable penalties or charges.

Questions Regarding the Refund Policy

Any person who has questions regarding the refund policy, the 'no-show' policy, or the cancellation policy of PMI-CLG is encouraged to contact the VP of Finance for further explanation.