Mentor Network

Be a Mentor (or Mentee)

Mentoring is a process in which successful individuals go out of their way to help others establish goals and develop the skills to reach them, providing guidance, friendship, and mutual respect.  The goal of the PMI CLG Mentor Network is to provide a framework that will align chapter members with one another in a supportive mentor/mentee relationship where they will have the opportunity to increase knowledge, effectiveness, and skills through collaboration, contributing to the growth of both individual participants and of the profession as a whole.


The mission of the PMI CLG Mentor Network is to operate with the PMI values of Integrity, Respect, and Leadership while helping interested project managers match up with each other in order to:

  • Share insights, ideas, knowledge, and experience;
  • Improve soft skills;
  • Challenge themselves;
  • Take on new challenges in a safe environment;
  • Identify and apply PM tools;
  • Address specific problems to improve PM skills;
  • Develop their careers.

Type of Mentoring:

  • Natural or Informal Mentoring
    • Natural or informal mentoring is a less structured casual coaching & counseling partnership, which occurs with little or no advanced planning. The frequency of occurrence may be one meeting or more. This type of mentoring partnership may occur during networking events and during the Chapter meeting's table topic discussions.
  • Formal or Planned Mentoring
    • Formal or planned mentoring is typically a structured program in which individuals learn from each other, where expectations & limits can be stated or agreed-to formally. Time commitments and frequency of meetings for this type of mentoring are established at the start of the mentoring partnership and evaluated periodically throughout the partnership. Formal or planned mentoring partnerships, like projects, have a planned start and completion date. This guideline document provides some of the structure needed for a formal mentoring partnership.
  • Life Coach Mentoring
    • A Life Coach Mentor provides the Mentee with insights on personal improvement, life goals, career planning, and many other topics. Mentoring partnerships established during informal or formal mentoring may lead to a long-term mentoring partnership with no established completion date. This type of mentoring partnership typically is outside of formal or planned mentoring networks.
  • Specialty Mentoring
    • Specialty mentoring utilizes mentors who specialize in one or more areas of project management. SMM (Subject Matter Mentor) coaches the Mentee to improve their performance in areas in which they have special interest or experience for a short period to achieve a defined competency. This process is intended to be of a coach & council manner. The following diagram highlights specific topics that may be the focus of a specialty mentoring partnership.

To participate in the PMI CLG Mentor Network, send one of the following registration forms, or any questions, to us at [email protected]:


It is important to point out that the Mentor Network is a volunteer networking opportunity.  The PMI Clear Lake-Galveston Chapter provides no guarantee regarding the development or career growth of participants. The chapter provides only a framework, an opportunity for participants who hope to be enhanced by this program, but the results are the responsibility of, and are completely determined by, the participating mentors and mentees.