Events and their PDUs

Professional Development Units (PDUs) must be submitted personally by each PMP. This list is provided to assist the PMP in completing the online PDU submission form. You may also view your PDU transcript from this site.

For PMI-CLG Monthly Program Meetings:

  1. Logon to, go to Certification,maintain your certification: Earn and report PDUs, press the submit PDU button, then the Report PDUs link
  2. In the PDU Category dropdown box, select "Category 3:Registered Education Provider program/Component Event".
  3. This will open the Activity type dropdown box. Select "Report a Component 1-2 PDU Event".
  4. Click Next.
  5. Enter "C255" in the Component ID box and click Search.
  6. Click on the Component ID C255(blue link).
  7. Fill out the form (you can copy/paste the course title from the list below into the activity title box). The activity number is the number following the C255 number(usually yymm01). The contact person is VP Programs, the e-mail is [email protected]
  8. Click Next.
  9. Enter 1.0 in the PDUs claimed box and click Next.
  10. Verify the info is correct and check the box stating the claim is accurate and click Submit.
  11. Print the results page and keep for your records along with the Attendance Certificate/receipt you received at the meeting.