Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, please review the following frequently-asked questions (FAQs):

When is the next chapter meeting?

Look for the latest calendar of events posted at our web site. You'll find it on the Events Calendar page. Our next event is in the Calendar Box on our Home Page. It located below the Member Login box.

How can I become a member or solve a membership-related issue?

Contact the Vice President of Membership.
You'll find contact information on the Officers page. We have a Director of New Members and a Director of Membership Services.

How can my company sponsor a chapter event or advertise in the newsletter?

Contact the President or Vice President of Communications. A phone number and email address can be found on the Officers page.

I can't find certain features for chapter members. Where are they?

They are located at the Members Only page, but you'll need to login first to see them. You must have a valid member username and password. Members are assigned userid and password when registration info is received by PMI-CLG from National PMI.

I want to change my email address for chapter electronic mailings. How do I do this?

If you're a current PMI-CLG chapter member, you must change your email information at PMI corporate, because the chapter downloads that information from PMI corporate to compose our email distribution list. Go to: If you're not a current PMI-CLG member, please contact the Director of Membership Services.[email protected]

How do I send an email to one of the chapter officers?

Go to the Contact Usfeature on this web page.

If your question was not among those listed above, please send your question to the Webmaster