Rick Gillis Presentation

“How to Position Yourself for Employment in the Current & Post Pandemic Era”

Seeking employment in normal times is challenging. Doing so in this pandemic is problematic. Demand for workers is low and the competition is fierce. Employers can be especially selective at a time like this. How does the qualified, experienced project manager set himself or herself apart from the competition?
The answer, according to Houston-based author and speaker, Rick Gillis, is actually the same today as it has always been--and always will be: Express to an employer how you will make them money or save them money, as well as how your commercial value is greater than the competition, and you may find yourself with an opportunity to prove yourself.
In this session, Gillis, the author of five self-published books on job search and personal, on-the-job promotion, will share some of the fundamentals from his newest book, “Leveling the Paying Field”, to be published next year by Indigo River Publishing with distribution by Simon & Schuster.
In this session, you will learn three vital aspects of communicating your value to a potential employer:
• How to Promote yourself into your next job as well as how to seek a promotion or a raise – even in the time of pandemic.
• How to Interview for your next job or contract and for your project exit interview.
• How to Articulate your commercial value.


Rick Gillis has been involved in the business of employment since 1997, when he was instrumental in introducing the first local employment website to the greater Houston, TX, market. Since that time, Rick has aggressively studied employment, advancement, promotion, and pay. With the publication of his sixth book, “Leveling the Paying Field, A Ground-Breaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay”, he has taken on the resolution of the pay disparity issue from the viewpoint of the employee as well as the employer. Rick believes not only in Equal Pay for Equal Work but also in the Proper Pay for the Best Performance—an assertion that consciously eliminates discrimination of any kind from the discussion.