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Agile Methodology: The Right Process at the Right Time

While Agile has been around for about 20 years now, many people are still learning the power of this methodology. This presentation will review the basic fundamentals of Agile project execution focusing on Scrum and Kanban methodologies. Then we will review several current case studies from the medical community where Agile has made the difference.


  • Learn the framework of Agile Project Management with a concentration on Scrum & Kanban

  • Understand why Agile methodolgy lends itself to today's work environment

  • Reveiw some recent case studies from the medical field that demonstrates real successes with Agile


Bryan Bice PMP, PMI-ACP, SA, RTE
Bryan Bice is a seasoned leader in project management. After a career in the military, he has worked in project management roles for the US Government, a small engineering company, an international engineering company, and an international financial services association. He is passionate about Agile methodology. He has been working with Agile teams for the past 10 years and teaching the PMI-ACP course for the past 7. Mr. Bice holds a B.B.A from St. Lawrence University in Economics and an M.B.A from Oklahoma City University in Information Management Systems.